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PowerSmoke BBQ Trailer



  • Brand new 6’11"  x 17’ tandem-axle goose-neck trailer

  • Constructed from 2" x 2" square tubing

  • 3/16" plate floor and barrier walls.

  • 5200-lb trailer axles and springs.

  • Trailer brake with 7-way plug and emergency break away kit.

  • All new LED lights and wiring.

  • All new 15-inch 8-ply heavy duty tires and chrome wheels.

  • Well-weighted for towing.

  • Diamond plate steel fenders

  • Entire outside of trailer is sheeted in 12 gauge plate.

  • Outer walls of trailer bondo and sanded for show car quality look.

  • Trailer painted with 3 stage OEM quality pearl paint matched to your vehicle.



  • Reverse smoker design uses three plates to transfer smoke and heat.

  • 10-ft, 350-gallon tank, 1/4 inch thick steel, 30 inches in height.

  • The three doors have 1-inch x 3/16-inch flat stock around the edges to seal up the pit; no counterweights are needed because they were cut 8" down from top, dead center, which also cuts down on the weight.

  • The left two doors have no center brace and span approximately 6' to allow for cooking a whole hog.

  • Grease drain

  • The axes on the top of the pit function as doorstops; they are a unique and sturdy feature.  

  • Pit is mounted well to the trailer, and components are fully welded.

  • The pit has four fully removable racks for easy cleaning; bottom racks are roughly 30" x 29 & 72" x 29""; top racks are 30" x 26" & 72" x 26".

  • All cooking surfaces in the pit and firebox are framed with 1-inch by 1-inch square tubing; 3/16-inch thick flat expanded metal was fitted and welded onto the frame.

  • Paper towel and utensil holders are mounted for easy access.

  • Locking system on all doors for safety and security.

  • Smoker, Firebox, warming box and deluxe charcoal grill painted with Thurmolax 3-stage high temp paint. Many color options available.



  • 2-ft long and 2-ft wide by 1 1/2-ft tall.

  • Insulated with Rockwool insulation. 

  • Baffle for regulating temperature.

  • Spring handles.


 Large Warming Box:

  • 2-ft x 2-ft x 3 ½-ft box built out of ¼-inch steel

  • 5 grated, removable racks

  • Able to cook with smoke or without smoke

  • Baffle to control air flow.


 Deluxe Charcoal Grill:

  • 4’x 2’ cooking surface.

  • Insulated with Rockwool insulation to help prevent heat loss.

  • Double doors for easy fire starting and clean-up.

  • Extremely versatile for charcoal, Dutch-oven or griddle cooking.

  • Double doors for easy ash removal and cleaning.

  • Charcoal rack may be raised or lowered for temperature control.

  • All racks removable.


 Smoke Stack:

  • 6-inch smoke stack (schedule 40) extends through roof.

  • Cooling baffle makes it extremely easy to control the temperature by pushing or pulling the wood handle.



  • 3' w x 2' d Commercial Toastmaster Griddle

  • Custom Grease Drip pan


Temperature Control System:

  • LED Read-out thermostat

  • 3-25 CFM Fans mounted to firebox

  • This unit will keep the temperature consistent in your pit without lifting a finger.

  • Makes BBQ-ing a breeze.



  • Stainless steel bar top

  • 304 grade stainless steel


Work Station:

  • Large stainless steel prep and serving area.

  • Fold-up lids with dry storage below.


Custom Cutting Board:

  • 3’ x 4’ x ¾” restaurant grade cutting board.

  • Cutting board mounted to 36” full extension drawer sliders.

  • Capacity 500 lb.


Custom Star Burners:

  • Star burners, like everything on this pit, have been flush fit to the trailer.

  • Built out of heavy-duty 1/4" plate with 1-1/2" x 3/16" flat stock fully welded pot rests.

  • 2-100,000 BTU low pressure burners coupled with 2 HP- 20 PSI regulators.

  • Flame has the capability to range from very low to extremely high.


Temperature Gauges:

  • Constructed of stainless steel

  • 3-inches in size

  • Will gauge from 50 to 550 degrees.


 Trailer LP Plumbing:

  • 2- 20 PSI High Pressure Regulators

  • 20, 30, or 40lb tandem propane bottle rack.

  • Trailer plumbed with half-inch black pipe and copper tubing.


 Storage Boxes:

  • Lockable space under cutting board to keep everything you need securely in place.   


 Roof and Fold-out Awnings:

  • Keep your smoker, gear and self out of the elements.

  • Roof constructed of steel frame and steel plate painted same color as trailer.

  • Fold out awnings on both sides roll completely in for travel.


 Sinks and Holding Tanks:

  • Double-basin stainless steel sink

  • 21-gallon fresh water holding tank

  • 21-gallon grey water holding tank

  • Shur-pro 12-volt water pump

  • RV water fill neck and water hose connect

  • Everything is plumbed and ready for you to get going!


 Hot water Heater:

  • LP powered hot water

  • 6-gallon tank

  • 22 gallons of continuous running hot water!


 12-Volt Electrical System:

  • 12-volt deep cycle marine battery with case

  • AC/DC inverter to charge battery and run 12-volt systems when plugged into 110-volt

  • Everything on the trailer comes pre-wired, installed and ready to use


 110-Volt Electrical System:

  • 50-foot, 12 gauge extension cord.

  • 10 – 110 volt outlets


LED Lighting:

  • Don't be afraid of the dark.

  • Four LED strip lights illuminate your work area

  • Powered by 110v or generator

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