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R&R BBQ is proud to announce a partnership with the Days of 47 Rodeo. They will be providing the food for the VIP tent, selling their award-winning BBQ during the pre-rodeo festival and competing in the Days of 47 Jack Daniels BBQ Championship Cook-off. All of this will be happening at Energy Solutions Arena starting next Tuesday, July 21st and it will go through Saturday, July 25th. Visit them online at!

Rod and Roger Livingston, R&R BBQ

Salt Lake City, Utah

We knew the smoker works great for catering and now we know it works for contest too! Grand Champion at the Sam's SLC local contest. Thanks guys! 

Craig Brandon


Thanks for the great pit. Spent all day getting to know The Smokin' Banana. Got it seasoned, and just devoured a great rack of ribs for the maiden voyage.


See Craig's full write up and review here.

Todd Meza, Lagga's Smokin' BBQ


ETS you da best!

Michael Rector


I just wanted to say that I really enjoy my smoker. I use it 5 times a week, and it consistently turns out great BBQ. Its a head turner. Last week my wife and I donated our time and bbq to our local school for a fundraiser. We sold 400 dinners and raised over $4000, which was matched dollar for dollar by a trucking company. For a total of $8000 dollars....couldn't of done it without our trailer.We can't wait to order a new trailer and hit the competition circuit.. Thank you from Smokin and Pokin BBQ Company keep up the great work...

Scott Kurtz


Clint, I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed cooking on my new pit this weekend. As you can see my cook team did great. I had many people complement my pit. Of course y'all were recommended!!!! I look forward too many more cooks on my new smoker!!!

Charles Wilson


I had a great weekend at the South Sound BBQ Festival up here in Lacey, WA at Cabela's. Big turnout. We did Pulled Pork, Hawg Dogs, and Moink Balls with Baked Beans and Slaw. That Competition Contender you hooked up for me is the BEST. Oh not to mention we won Grand Champion!!!!!!!!

Rob Bailey


Our rig worked it's tail off at HLSR the past couple of days and never missed a beat. Helped us produce a 6 th place brisket entry. Thanks ETSC for a great rig!!

Brian DeLozier


Thanks, Clint, for the upgrade. We love it. Best smoker money can buy.

Andrew Dean

Another successful comp on the east Texas smoker last weekend, including a 180 in pork! Thanks for the great pit! 

Dan Kerby


We have been having fun with our pit. I don't think it has had any time off since we got it. At Christmas time my dad and I cooked up 20 turkey's for families that needed a Christmas dinner. We have found a talent we have and love to use it to help out others. It is fun to see them smile after tasting some smoked meat. I am sure you noticed our Utah BBQ Association banner, it is for everyone in Utah (and outside) to have a gather spot to talk BBQ. We try to promote things as an association and not so much a personal recognition. When we do things as an association, our pit is one that is usually there. It is because of how you build them. It starts some great conversations and gets people interested in BBQ. We don't let our pit sit in the back yard, we get out in the public...Your pits are very affordable too, that helps a lot too... We do have some good contests coming up this year. We are looking forward to the Snowbird contest at the end of June. We will be going up against Jonnny Trig (Smokin' Triggers), Smokers Wild, Scotty from, and some other big names. Our first Utah competition will be June 4-5 in Salt Lake. We are working on some competition rubs, sauces and techniques. We are having fun promoting BBQ!!!

Phil Romero


The smoker arrived yesterday afternoon. You know that happy and proud feeling you get when you make a really good decision? Well that's how I feel right about now. I just got done curing it and I cant' wait for the weekend so I can try it out. This pit is awesome! Everyone that has seen it has been totally blown away by how great it looks. You guys really know how to build 'em!

Darrell Slaton


Hi Clint,  just a quick note to let you know we are real happy with the custom pit I picked up on Saturday.  Thanks for meeting me half way.  We seasoned the pit Sat. night and cooked on it all day Sunday.  Turned out great even though it was the first time.  I have seen lots of welding, and somebody there can really hold a bead.  Craftsmanship is as good as I have seen for a very fair price.  Reverse plate helps hold temps even from side to side.  Hi pressure burners work really well, igniting fire box is quick and easy.  Again, thanks for a quality pit at a good price.

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Daniel Hernandez



Just wanted to say thanks for the smoker and bringing it to Waco. I smoked some ribs, sausage & corn. They were great! I don't think I will ever go back to grillin'. Thanks again!

Paul Norville



Check out this cool video sent to us all the way from Barbados!!

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