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Outdoor BBQ Kitchen


Since every man's needs are different,  the price will be based on your layout, location, relevant concrete footing, delivery and installation. Please call or message us for a quote! 

outdoor kitchen bbq smoker
outdoor kitchen bbq smoker
outdoor kitchen bbq smoker
outdoor kitchen bbq smoker


  • Painted with high-temperature black BBQ paint.

  • Reverse smoker design uses two plates to transfer smoke and heat.

  • 7.5-ft, 250-gallon tank, 1/4 inch thick steel, 30 inches in height.

  • Doors have 1-inch x 3/16-inch flat stock around the edges to seal up the pit; no counterweights are needed because they were cut 8" down from the top, dead center, which also cuts down on the weight.

  • When a door is opened, heat remains in the pit.

  • Pit will hold a steady temperature all day long.

  • Grease drain

  • Roller bar steel handles and steel doorstops.

  • Four fully removable racks for easy cleaning; bottom racks are roughly 30" x 29"; top racks are 30" x 26".

  • All cooking surfaces in the pit and firebox are framed with 1-inch by 1-inch square tubing; 3/16-inch thick flat expanded metal was fitted and welded onto the frame.


Temperature Gauges:

  • Constructed of stainless steel

  • 3 inches in size

  • Will gauge from 100 to 550 degrees.



  • 2-ft long and 2-ft wide by 1 1/2-ft tall.

  • Insulated

  • Breather for regulating temperature.

  • Firebox top can also be used as a cooker for beans and sauces.


Smoke Stack:

  • 6-inch (schedule 40).

  • Stainless steel rain guard


Deluxe Charcoal Grill:

  • 4' x 2' Cooking Surface

  • Great for Burgers & Hot Dogs

  • Double Doors for Easy Fire Starting & Clean Up


Six-Gallon Cajun Fryer:

  • Designed to never burn grease.

  • Three wire mesh baskets included

  • Drain valve for easy clean-up!


Stainless Steel LP Grill:

  • High-end Stainless Steel Grill

  • Makes grilling fast and easy.



  • Custom fit stainless steel makes for easy cleaning.


Temperature Control System:

  • LED Read-out thermostat

  • 2 - 25 CFM Fans mounted to the firebox

  • This unit will keep the temperature consistent in your pit without lifting a finger

  • Makes BBQ-ing a breeze. 


Custom Star Burner:

  • Constructed of 3/16-inch plate steel for durability

  • Low-pressure LP burner.


Large Boiler Station:

  • 1,000,000+ BTU burner


LP Fire Starter:

  • High-pressure burner welded into the firebox.

  • High-pressure needle valve.

  • This option makes getting your fire started a quick and simple task.


LP Plumbing:

  • 20 PSI High-Pressure Regulator


Stainless Steel Cabinet:

  • Cabinets store LP bottle and kitchen components with plenty of room to spare for cooking utensils and anything else you might need.   


Utensil & Paper Towel Holders:

  • Keeps your utensils and paper towels handy.

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