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Heat Retreat Cooling Trailer



Heat Retreat Cooling Trailers to keep your crew cool during the hot days of summer. Quality built with limitless options.

Heat Retreat Cooling Trailer Features:

  • 36" 3-speed Port-A-Cool fan employs evaporative cooling by using forced air over water-soaked pads to reduce temperatures up to 30 degrees F.  

  • Efficient and economical operation

  • 325-Gallon Water Tank with large 10" fill cap for fast filling.

  • 6500 watt Generac generator 

  • 5.7 GPM high-flow Extreme Shur-Flo water pump

  • Built in 30 PSI accumulator tank allows for water pressure like you would have at your house.

  • Guardian Hazardous Chemical Shower and Eyewash station at rear of trailer for easy access rolls in for travel

  • 12-volt lighting in roof


Heavy Duty Built Trailer:

  • 20' x 102" Frame built out of 5" channel iron and 2" x 2" square tubing

  • All new wiring and lights with electric trailer brakes

  • 2 5/16" Bulldog hitch

  • Adjustable 7000-pound jack standard

  • 5200# tandem-axle with heavy duty 8-ply tires

  • #1 wolmanized flooring and bench seating

  • Unlike many other builders, we use high-quality wood only found saw mill direct which will outlast all other wood flooring and prevent warping and dry rot.

  • Trailer has 5 fold-out awnings with pop-rivited aluminum side walls

  • Solid steel fully welded roof NO NUTS OR BOLTS that could rattle loose.

  • Convenient pull-out step at rear of trailer that neatly tucks away and locks in place for travel.

  • Painted color of your choice.


Other Options:

  • Too big? Too small? We can customize your unit to fit your needs.

  • First-aid kits, storage boxes, sinks, etc.

  • We specialize in customization so the additions are endless!


How does it work?

Port-A-Cool evaporative cooling units employ the same natural cooling process, using forced air over water-soaked evaporative cooling pads to reduce temperatures up to 30 degrees F.

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